The Worksman Hassle-free Warranty

Worksman warrants all of its products and parts, aside from the exceptions described below, exclusively to the original retail purchaser, to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the products and parts. The life of the products or parts is defined as that point in time when the product or part no longer functions due to normal wear and tear. To qualify for Worksman warranty consideration, return the Worksman product or part, along with the original purchase receipt to Mica. If Mica finds the product or parts to be defective, Mica, will at its own discretion, replace the product or part. Mica reserves the right to determine the integrity of the defectiveness of the product or part using its sole judgment and to replace at Mica’s option.

Hand Tools and Specialty Tools

All Worksman hand tools and specialty tools are furnished with a lifetime warranty. Each of these products or parts that are found to be defective or do not meet the performance of their specification may be returned, to Mica, along with the original purchase receipt for warranty consideration.

Ratchets, Geared Wrenches & Breaker Bars

Due to the gear structure, the ratchets might not function well due to normal wear and tear. In most of cases, ratchets and breaker bars can be fixed by their repair kit at the customer’s expense. Geared wrenches normally do not have problems unless they are misused.

Torque Wrenches

Torque wrenches are not furnished with a lifetime warranty as they require proper and regular calibration and maintenance by the owner. If you find any torque wrenches defective upon purchase, please do not hesitate to inform us immediately for a replacement. We have also added an inspection card on each torque wrench, please retain this card and quote the serial numbers in the event of a claim for us to follow up on the item. Bits, blades, punches, dies, punches, fused, belts, grind wheels, sanding pads and other wear-and-tear products are not covered by these warranties. All Worksman warranties do not apply to any product or part that was used for a purpose for which it is not intended, or damaged due to failure to follow its operation or maintenance instructions. Damaged products or parts caused by abuse, misuse, alteration, accident or normal wear are also excluded from all Worksman warranties. These warranties are exclusive. Worksman makes no other warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, associated with its products. Worksman makes no implied warranty of merchantability, nor implied warranty of fitness and does not authorize any other person to bind Worksman to any other warranty of any kind associated with Worksman products or parts. Worksman shall not, in any event, be liable for any incidental or consequential damages of any kind resulting from the usage, design, neglect or misuse of any product or for any other reason.