The Worksman 12 Month Warranty

The end user warranty period is 12 months and begins on the date that the unit was purchased. This must be documented on an invoice or other proof of purchase. Products used in the hiring industry are excluded from this 12 month warranty.


Please register your generator online at on the date of purchase to ensure a valid 12 month warranty period. Should you not register your generator for the warranty, you will be liable for payment of any or all services carried out or parts required.

The warranty covers all defects or damages to the product during the warranty period, which is clearly due to faulty workmanship or materials and is limited to necessary repairs and/or adjustments.
The warranty does not cover:

  • A product that is incomplete when submitted for repair.
  • Damage or liability caused by or occurring as a result of misuse, abuse, accidental or intentional acts by the user, improper handling, unreasonable use or negligence.
  • Failure by the end user to comply with operating procedures outlined in the product manual.
  • Attempted repair by non-qualified professional and unauthorised repairs.
  • Deterioration caused by normal wear and tear, including but not restricted to, spark plugs, drive/tooth belts, air filter, brushes, pump valves, bearings and piston rings.
  • Unauthorised or improper use or maintenance, or overloading.
  • Accessories, including but not restricted to, battery packs, light bulbs, blades, fittings, bags, fuses and fuel.
  • Modification or use of accessories and/or attachments not specifically confirmed as compatible to Worksman Products.

For servicing, the product must be sent or presented to a Worksman authorised service station.

A warranty repair is free of charge. It does not constitute an extension or a new start of the warranty period. In some cases delivery charges or postage will have to be paid by the sender.